Conscious Food Spots in Berlin

Sustainable Food Spots Not to Miss in Berlin, According to Locals

Deciding where (not) to eat in Berlin is no easy task! The city has long been at the forefront of conscious food, but in recent times, the offerings have grown several fold. To make it easier to pick the best of Berlin eats, we reached out to some sustainability-minded Berlin residents to seek recommendations on food spots not to miss in the city – with a focus on organic, low-waste, farm-to-table and plant-based food. From ecological farmers’ markets and zero waste bakeries to a traditional organic biergarten, here’s a list of places worthy of a conscious yet indulgent Berlin food experience!

FREA Bakery: Berlin’s zero-waste, vegan bakery

FREA Bakery, founded by David and Jasmin Albert, is a revolutionary vegan and zero-waste bakery in the heart of Berlin. Since its establishment in April 2022, FREA Bakery (map) has become a haven for plant-based delights, offering everything from flaky croissants to luscious vanilla cream pastries and delicious brunches!

FREA Bakery – image by Serena

Distinguishing itself with a commitment to zero-waste practices, FREA Bakery utilizes compostable packaging and efficient anti-waste food techniques. For instance, food scrap is not thrown away. Instead, they use a compost machine that transforms organic waste into nutrient-rich soil that is then sold to local farms, embodying a real circular economy mindset! Obviously, all the products used are local and seasonal.

FREA Bakery is a must visit when in Berlin as it isn’t just a place to eat—it’s proof that making mindful choices and embracing sustainability can make a real impact. With delicious vegan treats and a commitment to zero waste, FREA Bakery is sparking change in the city of Berlin!

Recommended by Serena of Sere Travels. Serena is a passionate travel blogger and content creator. Born in Italy, Berlin has been her home for the past 5 years. Always on the lookout for authentic, sustainable, and eco-conscious places, Serena shares these gems with her audience, and inspires others to make responsible and sustainable choices while exploring the beauty of diverse destinations. Follow Serena on Instagram.

Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz: organic farmers market in Berlin

Berlin is one of the world’s most sustainable cities because of its organic, low-waste, farm-to-table, plant-based food. I live in Prenzlauer Berg which has oodles of farmers’ markets. One of them is an organic market called Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz (map). It’s only open on Thursdays and has a vast range of organic and ecologically sourced groceries such as meat-free products, antiquarian books, sustainable clothing, etc. – all sourced from Berlin. I went in November and bought fruit and vegetables that were harvested just that morning as well as fresh bread, honey, and sausages made from a variety of farm-to-table local meat.

organic market berlin
Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz – image by Victoria Ade-Genschow

Everywhere you look are organic-only supermarkets, vegan restaurants, sustainable recycling options, gluten-free products, butchers that still produce locally sourced sausages, and bakeries with bread and pastries so fresh, they attract queues that flow down the streets! I’ve lived in Berlin for 20+ years as a travel expat writer and absolutely adore it.

Recommended by Victoria Ade-Genschow. Victoria is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the travel expat lifestyle website, The British Berliner, about a British girl from Manchester living in Berlin with her German husband and her half British-half German son. She also works as a British-German socio-political expert who has been featured in various European documentaries and major European publications. Follow Victoria on X/Twitter.

Café Botanico: Berlin’s organic biergarten

The farm-to-table Café Botanico (map) is Berlin’s not-so-secret garden, and for good reason. The only organically-certified biergarten in the heart of the city reminds me of the titular setting of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden – which taught me that nourishment for the soul and stomach go hand-in-hand! 

The incredible German-Italian dishes here don’t need the added support, but the location and the tours they offer make it an easy recommendation. While I chose not to indulge my inner carnivore with the meat dish on the menu (locally sourced from the surrounding region of Brandenburg), I never thought I’d be raving about the cauliflower ravioli with a generous serving of chestnut cream. But here I am.

Delicious farm-to-table food at Cafe Botanico

To walk off the meal, like I had to, I’d recommend taking a stroll around the neighbourhood. The trendy Kiez of Neukölln has much to explore – like the Alaska Bar! Step in for their vegan Spanish tapas and a locally-brewed Rollberg beer; it’s worth the walk.

TIP: explore the Kiez of Berlin by bike.

Recommended by Nina Sud. Nina is a writer and illustrator from New Delhi, currently based in Berlin. Follow Nina on Instagram. Thai Vegan: Berlin’s testament to vegan Asian food

When I first moved to Berlin in 2007, the city’s vegan culture, dominant use of bicycles, conscious avoidance of packaging (my favorite store is Original Unverpackt) and the curious sight of residents taking watering responsibilities for public trees left a long-lasting mark on me. These observations triggered a profound mindset shift, inspiring the beginning of my journey toward educating myself on environmental challenges. I’ve witnessed Berlin’s avant-garde practices become mainstream and being used as a testing ground for vegan products.

As a Swiss-Korean loving Asian cuisine, I was amazed to find Thai Vegan (map), as Asian food is known for extensive use of fish and oyster sauce, or pork stock. This place stood out for creatively crafting incredible Thai flavors while being completely plant-based. Thai Vegan is my favorite conscious food spot in Berlin and I go there once a week, but the city boasts a wide array of vegan eateries, a testament to the city’s forward-thinking scene.

thai vegan restaurants in berlin
Image by Thai vegan

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